Saturday, February 2, 2013


"C is for cookie ... that's good enough for me." Do you remember Cookie Monster singing that? I sure do; although I think I remember it more from when my kids watched it than from when I was a kid.

Cookie Monster has reformed his ways and is a Healthy Monster now (although cramming 85 of anything in your mouth ... even carrots ... is still unhealthy imho), and he actually swallows the food now (which sort of makes it a binge, doesn't it?). I just watched him down a plate of celery sticks, a plate of carrots, a bowl of raisins and a bowl of apples all in one sitting on YouTube. What's healthy about that? I think the writers really missed the boat on this one.

It's really kind of sad. The whole point of his character was that his behavior was outrageous and something every kid knew they weren't supposed to do (but secretly enjoyed watching him do) and it was so much fun watching those cookie bits go everywhere. In fact, one of the very first times I got to operate a muppet-type puppet I had him eat cookies just so I could make a big mess. It was just so much fun! (Notice, I made a mess with the cookies, I didn't open my gullet and swallow three bags full.) Oh well, this is just another reason why they shouldn't mess with the classics.

Anyway, I made this card with a cutting file from Silhouette and used the internal offset feature to cut a white card liner for the inside of the card. This was really a ton of fun to make and could either be used for a children's card or perhaps it could accompany some home baked goodies (or even a healthy platter if you insist). :D

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Snoopy :D


SiskiyouSue said...

Your card is great! And I agree with you completely, what a stupid thing to make a fuss about. I really do not understand why EVERYTHING has to be so correct. Seems like the rest of us grew up pretty well in spite of the bad example of Cookie eating bags of cookies. What happened to good old FUN?

Sue from Oregon said...

I love these...I made an Elmo, and a Zoe too. I think there is a link on my blog to the files!

Loz said...

This is Fantastic Snoopy..Loz

Ellis said...

Fabulous cookie monster card you made! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Chrisann said...

Love Cookie Monster! Great card. Would love to hear your opinion on the Silhouette. Had been wanting the Cricket til recent research made me think the Silhouette was a better choice. What do you think?

Snoopy said...

I absolutely l♥ve it Chrisann! I totally recommend it.

Snoopy :D

Chrisann Majernik said...

That's great to hear....that helps me make up my mind!