Thursday, June 27, 2013


Remember pen pals? For that matter, remember writing actual letters?? with a pen??? I remember being assigned a pen pal in elementary school. My pen pal was in Germany so it could take up to two weeks before I heard back from her. I remember just how exciting it was to get mail.

(click on photo for larger view)
For some, letter writing is a lost art. For others, it's an art they never even learned (thanks to modern technology). Still there's something so exciting about getting a card in the mail and it's such a great way to be able to encourage friends who are far away. I like to think of it as a hug in an envelope. :D

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Edwina said...

I love this card. I like the house mouse images a lot. This one I need. It would be great for making cards for Pop. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

Loz said...

Hello Snoopy..Gorgeous card and beautiful image and colors..Loz

Cathy (Merciechild) said...

Snoopy, this is awesome, yes I had a pen pal only wish I knew about cards and stamping back then. I love this card , what a great work you did on it. hugs, Cathy k

Sparkly Engineer said...

I love sending and receiving actual mail. There is something so personal about a letter. It just takes more thought and caring than an email.

BTW your hm card is adorable and so pretty and feminine.

I lived in Spain and my penpal was in OK

Asha said...

Funny you should mention penpal. I blogged about the lost art of letter writing a few days ago. Absolutely love receiving "real" mail, the sort that takes days, sometimes weeks to reach its destination. Throughout high school I had a penpal from Milwaukee. We kept in touch until she got married at 18 and went to Germany. Never heard from her since. That's sad...rambling again! Sorry! :-)
xxx Asha