Friday, February 21, 2014


I know some of you are thinking, "Christmas in February? Is she nuts?" Well, yeah, but that's beside the point I made this ornament for a House Mouse ornament swap so I couldn't show it before Christmas and we've been fighting the flu bug here for awhile now so I kind of forgot about it. That said, I know so many ladies who are bound and determined to get their Christmas craft projects started much earlier this year and are planning on working on projects monthly, so I thought I'd pass this fun craft along for February. Fair warning, there may be more to follow in the coming months (on or around the 25th).

(Image and glitter are on the INSIDE of the ornament)

For this project you will need:
1. Clear Christmas Ornament (I chose a plastic one with a flat front, but glass would work also)
2. Pledge Floor Care (formerly Pledge with Future, before that it was Future Floor Wax)

3. Glitter
4. Image printed on copy paper with a laser printer and cut or punched out. (It must be laser or it will smear. If you don't have a laser printer try your local copy shop.)
5. Paint brush that will fit inside your ornament
6. Disposable cup to pour excess Floor Care into.
7. Embellishments

To Make the Ornament:
1. Remove the top of the ornament.
2. Pour some Floor Care inside the ornament, swirl around to coat completely and pour back out. (This works as your glue/decoupage medium.)
3. Roll up image, place inside the ornament and use paint brush to gently push the image onto the front of the ornament (It doesn't need to be perfect yet, just make sure it's stuck there).
4. Pour in more Floor Care, swirl around to coat the back of the paper completely and pour back out.
5. Use paint brush to gently center your image and push out any air bubbles. (This is important because you don't want any glitter to get in front of your image.) The paper is soft, though, so be careful.
6. Pour glitter into ornament. Cover top of ornament with your finger and shake until the inside walls are completely coated with glitter (adding more if necessary).
7. Pour out excess glitter, replace top of ornament and add embellishments.

This is a fun project and would be beautiful with vintage photos as well (just be sure they are printed on a laser printer). There is a learning curve though, so be sure to print out more images than you need in case you have an OOPS! moment.

If you think the whole image part is too fussy for you,  you could simply use this technique without an image to make glittered ornaments in your favorite glittery colors.

Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to come back for Free Sentiment Saturday.


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Sparkly Engineer said...

I loved these super spiffy ornaments and I appreciate your tutorial. I definitely want to give this a try.