Thursday, April 10, 2014


Normally I would've posted two cards by this point in the week, but I've been busy working on a blanket for a surprise baby shower. I only have one picture of it taken just as I finished putting it together (before any blocking could be done). Then we scurried to get everything done before we had to rush out to the shower.

Now on to some cards! (Although the weather is so beautiful outside, I'm tempted to go play in the garden.) Either way, it should be a fun day. I hope you have a great day as well. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Snoopy :D


Larisa said...

Christian, it is so nice blanket! The squares are so different and good all together. Great job!!

Snoopy said...

Thanks so much, Larisa! I really appreciate your comment. ~ Snoopy :D

Sparkly Engineer said...

I love all the patterns you used in this. It's going to be an heirloom gift for sure.

Snoopy said...

Wouldn't that be amazing if it was? Thanks so much for your sweet comments. ~ Snoopy :D