Friday, April 11, 2014


Hello and welcome to to my blog! Today's cards are a direct result of a bargain at Michaels. This pearlescent watercolor set was only $4.99 and I got an additional 50% Off so it just HAD to come home with me.

I saw a card on Splitcoast that had some watercolor painting between two lines of music, so I used that as my inspiration. I found some Bach organ music, added a sentiment and printed it out on watercolor paper with my inkjet printer. Then I heat set it to try to keep the black ink from running. I've also been told that Prismacolor sells a blender pencil which is basically a colorless wax pencil. If you use it to go over the notes in the sections that you are painting in, it will act like a wax resist and your notes will not get painted over. (I'm definitely going to pick up one of these and give it a go.)

(click on photo for larger view)
On my first attempts, I found that no matter how careful I was, the colors ran beyond where I wanted them to so I used some masking tape* to reinforce the border of where I wanted the colors to stay and that really helped but it also meant I had to let it dry before I could mask off the second section.

(click on photo for larger view)
This was a lot of fun to play with and has helped me sort out some ideas for my final project (which will be a set of note cards with four different sentiments). Since heat setting didn't completely prevent the ink color from running, I'll try to get the watercolor paper to go through my laser printer next time. If that doesn't work, I might just take it to a copy shop so I know my colors won't get muddled by the copier ink.

Once the final project is done, I'll post photos and I'll make Free Digital Sentiments** of the music and sentiments together and post them as well so you can make your own note cards if you like. Meanwhile, if you have some watercolors around your craft room, why not take them out and play with them? It's so much fun.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Snoopy :D


April Rogers said...

I have an idea if you want.. What I have done is print on regular copy paper what I want, just a fast pass. They I put that behind the paper I want to decorate so I can see about where things go. Color, let dry, then run through the printer. It might work better. Just a thought.
xo April

Sue from Oregon said...

oh so pretty...just got me some watercolor paper today to play with! Love your new Snoopy blog header!

Snoopy said...

That's a fantastic idea, April! I'm definitely going to give it a go! Thanks, sweetie. ~ Snoopy :D

Snoopy said...

Thanks, Sue! I had fun making it. Have fun with the watercolors. ~ Snoopy :D

Edwina said...

Hi Snoopy, I was reading this as I love watercolors. I love how you used them. That sentiment is great! I am looking forward to seeing all your creations. This one is so beautiful1 Edwina Brown

Snoopy said...

Thank you so much, Edwina. I really enjoyed this project and these watercolors. They are so much fun to play with! ~ Snoopy :D

Sparkly Engineer said...

The idea for this is super. I love the effect of the watercolors. Do they shimmer as much as I imagine?

BTW thanks for the tip about the tape

Snoopy said...

You're welcome, sweetie. YES, they are super sparkly and shimmery ... definitely something a Sparkly Engineer should have in her bag of goodies. ~ Snoopy :D

nwilliams6 said...

Wow - both of these look wonderful but the blue color is just the best. I can't believe you got this set so cheap. The effects of this are just so amazing. Great cards!

Snoopy said...

That's my favorite one too! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. ~ Snoopy :D

Maura R said...

I love these music cards. I like the soft colors that you used.
bees mom from splitcoast

Snoopy said...

Thanks so much, Maura! I appreciate you stopping by. ~ Snoopy :D