Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hello and welcome! Today is day six of the 30 day coloring challenge and since it is a Sunday, I thought it would be fun to color a verse in my new Bible.

It's called My Creative Bible and I found it on Amazon. It is filled with beautiful illustrations and Bible verses for you to color in the headers and margins and has a gorgeous wipe clean cover.

(Please note that I'm including a photo because I love it and want to share it. I am not an affiliate, there are no links and I will make no money from sharing this with you. I just really like this Bible and thought you might too.)

Christian Art Publishers "My Creative Bible KJV"
Copic Multiliner SP Brush Pens: Red, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Sky Blue, Cool Gray


Thanks so much for stopping by!
Snoopy :D


MiamiKel said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a great verse and simple yet elegant bible journaling! I have a few friends that are bible journaling now but I still have yet to take that step out of the comfort zone! Great work1 ♥

MiamiKel said...

Hi again, D! I went to Amazon to check out this particular bible and had a question :) I've seen them previously in real life at the christian bookstorebut wanted to know if the one on amazaon, as depicted, has the illustrations already drawn in like the photos - so it would be just coloring some of them in rather than drawing them ourselves? Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks for sharing your work ♥

Snoopy von said...

Hi Kelly,

All of the illustrations and verses are pre-printed in the Bible and ready for you to color in. There are also many blank pages and sidebars as well. Hope this helps.

Snoopy :D